At Chugai Pharma USA (CPUSA), we offer our employees opportunities for both personal and professional growth in a global business setting.

The foundation of CPUSA is rooted in our parent company Chugai Pharmaceutical’s rich heritage of pipeline and products across therapeutic areas, including

many unique and innovative compounds.

Our work here at CPUSA focuses on the early stages of the drug development process, from both a clinical and regulatory perspective. CPUSA operates as the U.S. hub for our parent company’s Research and Development network by providing local expertise and resources for both U.S. and global development initiatives of Chugai Pharmaceutical Ltd.

At CPUSA, we offer both global project team collaboration opportunities and the cross functional consensus-based work environment unique of a small company. CPUSA recognizes, appreciates, and rewards our team’s contributions; CPUSA offers incentives for performance as well as competitive compensation and